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Switching to all digital in your professional activites is one of the key strategies to counter spreading the virus. Traditional way of working needs a temporary change. The European IT Certification is a digital skills standard supporting European Commission COVID-19 response with providing EITCI Coronavirus Response subsidies.
European IT Certification Anti-Coronavirus Campaign
A shift to efficiently working from a home office is our common responsibility

We all face very serious threat with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The World Health Organization clearly concludes that only decisive measures will allow to overcome this danger, with home isolation at the top of the list. But how to self-isolate when at work? In some cases a temporary home office transition requires our own initiative, but mostly it is due to our employer. The European IT Certification may help in all related scenarios.

So how should we proceed? Telework transition must be first well discussed between the employer and the employees in detail. It requires a proper infrastructure, defining the processes, establishing tasks and exercising communication. Further on the efficiency of the work performed remotely depends on the functionalities of the software used and the skills involved. EITCI responds with the subsidies for the European IT Certification.

Top telework ready jobs are the office and administrative ones, but virtual presence solutions and the digitalization of the processes enable working online in many other professions. You could well work remotely if you are a teacher, manager, salesperson, marketer, etc. In many other professions digitalization of the work performed may not leave you at home, but can still significantly limit the probability of your exposition to coronavirus and limit its proliferation. In all cases skills are crucial. You can choose the adequate European IT Certificates and apply for the Coronavirus EITCI DSJC Subsidy.

Digital transition requires will, effort, time and skills
The goal is to optimize all the factors conditioning teleworking

So how can you optimally digitalize your workplace?

  1. Ask your supervisor or employer for the instructions.
  2. If you don’t use digital cooperation system, deploy it.
  3. Categorize processes and identify the proper software.
  4. Deploy chosen software and streamline the processes.
  5. Develop IT skills considering European IT Certification.
Digital workplace is a coronavirus safe workplace
Leverage IT to effectively work from home and help stopping the coronavirus
Digital technologies already advanced to the level that we can implement most of the traditional office processes remotely. The bariers to effectively use these technologies involve the know-how, skills and experience. Most of the applicable software is accessible either free or in low fees in software as a service model. Read below about what you can do. Leverage on EITCI COVID Response subsidy.
Top priorities in digitalization against CoV
What should you focus on first
The European IT Certification Institute recommends focusing digitalization on the processes that most likely contribue to further spreading of the virus.

Shifting your commercial activity from physical to virtual channels is the top priority towards virtualization of the services provision.


All transactions should be processed through ePayments. If your company still does not process ePayments, choose your ePayments provider now.


Depending on the business case it may be impossible to fully virtualize logistics. But employing digital technologies can secure it appropriately.

Looking for services online
doing transactions online
Digitalizing your processes
3 basic steps to efficiently virtualize your operations
First you need to set up an organization wide online collaboration system facilitating proper communication. Then you need to analyze your operative processes and logically integrate their inputs and outputs in terms of your staff engagement. Further on you need to choose and deploy proper software in the cloud to support these processes. Now what’s left is just management & practice.
Business Information Certification Academy
The hardest part of starting up is starting out
Universities and schools
Educational institutions shift lectures and classes to online platforms. This requires tools and skills.
Students data processing
If not so already data processing should be digitalized and remote communication deployed.
eLearning Platforms
Administration chooses software for e-didactics among commercial and opensource platforms.
eLearning Didactics
Teachers in need to attain the skillsets in eLearning Didactics may consider online EITCA/EL Academy.
Business Companies
Most business already introduced home office where possible. The next step is developing e-skills.
Collaboration platforms
Efficient online work in a team requires advanced collaboration platforms and skills in their usage.
Internet marketing
In current circumstances most of the business is done online. The same is required for marketing.
Online project management
To win competition today PM needs communication solutions, but also big data and AI assisted tools.
Gorvernment institutions
Remote work in the public administration depends on the deployed e-governance systems and solutions.
eGovernance competencies
Standardized eGov competencies frameworks further support efficiency of public officers.
Data security & cyberprotection
Both private and public data processing requires high levels of protection and cyberthrets resilience.
European IT Certification
To develop and formally attest skills in different fields of IT you can resort to the EU EITC/EITCA Certification framework available fully online.
Computer Graphics Certification Academy
Business Information Certification Academy
Information Security Certification Academy
Key Competencies Certification Academy
The top 3 competencies for digitalization & teleworking

Naturally the issue of which skills are adequate for efficient digitalization depends on the profile of operations. Nevertheless EITCI surveying identified the percentages of digital specializations in the European IT Certification Academy framework pursued by its participants in relation to their telework engagement. These are the following:

  • 65% Business IT (EITCA/BI) for office, administration and business processes
  • 23% Computer Graphics (EITCA/CG) for marketing and design related processes
  • 10% Information Security (EITCA/IS) for cybersecurity, integrity and management
Why attaining digital skills is important?
Attested IT competencies in EU certification standard support your efficiency
There are number of reasons why digital skills support your work, especially when it is carried out remotely. You attain the know-how on the relevant software and solutions, as well as the detailed knowledge on how to efficiently use them. Confirming your skills upon the European IT Certification standard guarantees your skills quality and formally attests your professionalism.
Exceling in efficiency requires know-how and knowledge on solutions and software to properly use them
In a digital environment of remote work all the processes are prone to cyberthreats, hence awareness is crucial
Exercising communication and collaboration in online systems is a basis of digitalization
Teleworking requires combination of all these factors and make digital skills indispensible for a success
EITCA Academy
European IT Certification for public administration and educational sectors

In a 12-years pursuit for EU standards in certification of public administration and educational sectors EITCI Institute developed the EITCA/EG and EITCA/EL European IT Certification Academies focusing on digital skills conditioning delivery of the public and educational services in accessible and efficient way.

Modern, innovative and efficient public administration and educational digital services are of a critical importance for supporting containing of the COVID-19 pandemics.

Expand your digital competencies with the European IT Certification
European IT Certification (EITC) framework is an European standard in attesting digital skills upon narrowly defined IT application areas. One can obtain EITC Certificates chosen seperately or grouped jointly in advanced specialization programmes of EITCA Academy consisting of substituent EITC Programmes. Earning EITCA Academy Certification corresponds to earning all substituent EITC Certifications with an additional joint EITCA Certification.
European IT Certification aims to implement European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe upon the Europe 2020 Strategy to reinforce development of digital society.
Single EITC
fee in 80% EITC subsidy for
€110 EITC certification cost
EITC Certificate
15 hours programme
Fully remote procedures
EITCI COVID 80% subsidy
LinkedIn integration
EITCA Academy
fee in 95% EITCA subsidy for
€1100 EITCA certification cost
EITCA Certificate
Substituent EITC Certificates
Up to 180 hours programme
Fully remote procedures
EITCI COVID 95% subsidy
LinkedIn integration
European IT Certification
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