EITCI Institute COVID-19 Response

European IT Certification COVID-19 Response

A message from the Board of the European IT Certification Institute

Facing an unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the internationally adopted measures to contain it with social isolation and a mainstream shift to teleworking, the European IT Certification Institute has responded with extending its subsidy programme to complementarily support online access to the European IT Certification framework across the EU.

EITCI COVID-19 Response

As the primary measure to overcome the coronavirus involves digitally enabled work from home in jobs that can be carried out online, the European IT Certification as a quality reference standard in process of attaining and attesting digital competencies has a pronounced role in facilitating efficient telework, helping people, businesses and institutions to stay productive with means of the certified digital know-how and skills.

In order to significantly diminish economic barriers in accessing the EU framework of digital skills attestment under the current circumstances, the European IT Certification Institute introduced COVID-19 Response subsidies on the EITC programmes with 80% intensity for the first time in the programme's history and further expanded subsidies on the EITCA Academy programmes (grouping several substituent EITC Certifications) with 95% intensity, thus limiting the private contributions to 20% for EITC and 5% for EITCA Academy Certifications. This reduces the European IT Certification fees from € 110 to just € 22 in EITC programmes and from € 1100 to € 55 in EITCA Academy programmes, bringing the costs to levels deemed to increase the scale of EITC/EITCA certified digital skillsets dissemination in the European Union by at least one order.

Bridging digital skills gap in the EU is especially important now. To learn more on the action or to apply for the European IT Certification COVID-19 Response subsidy visit

The European IT Certification is a pan-European framework of fully online digital skills formal attestment, established in 2008 with the support of the European Commission funding by the European IT Certification Institute, a not-for-profit certification body.

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